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Blog Review: Tips n Technique

Just for Fun - This blog was created in September 2018. It discusses tips, tricks, tutorials and various techniques that can be applied in everyday life.

Tips n Technique is an extension of Tips and Techniques. These two names are combined, where each word has its own meaning and meaning.

The aim of Tips n Technique is to provide education that is beneficial for many people. Where we know that now is the age of the internet, even small children already have smartphones. Therefore, from this access openness, Tips n Technique wants to provide more points for readers. Especially about various tips and knowledge.

This blog uses the wordpress platform as a medium for blogging, because according to the owner, he is used to using the platform used by the majority of bloggers around the world. In addition, wordpress also has many advantages that other platforms do not have, such as ease of use, no need to bother learning coding (html), everything just plug and play!

This blog theme is very sim…

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