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Special Fried Noodles Recipe

Just for Fun - Special fried noodles recipe Home-style at the moment, the instant noodles is a distraction that's been as staple food. It feels like there are less if not consumption of noodles in one week. Especially for older or living alone cost, instant noodles are already ingrained. First fitting the old date ... Hi.. Hi.. Hi..

But what You do not get bored with the taste and presentation of the instant noodle is so-so only?

If you like instant noodles but bored with the taste of it-that's it, try special fried noodles recipe here. Modification of the fried noodle instant, yet richer taste and certainly more tasty. Yuk let listened to the recipe!

Oh yes, special fried noodles Recipe home-inspired noodle merchants (a kind of warkop) in Palmerah Market, South Jakarta. That time I tasted instant noodles in there, which makes me amazed is a different flavor and served with noodles that are sold in other warkop-warkop.

Lies the difference, this presentation in another only war…

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